Santa Maria Assembly Member Annouces Formation -Of Neighborhood Watch Committee And Police Post To Fight criminals

Santa Maria Assembly Member Annouces Formation -Of Neighborhood Watch Committee And Police Post To Fight criminals

The Assembly Member of the Santa Maria Electoral Area in the Ga Central municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nana Kwesi Boandwoh, has indicated his commitment and readiness to work closely with police officers chiefs, queen-mothers and youths to end the perennial problems of criminal activities in Santa Maria and its adjoining communities to make the area a safety community.

According to him, there have been several reported cases of the unnecessary internal fights, armed robbery attacks, thieves among others being perpetrated by some micreats to the residents in the area which has posed a serious threat to the lives of the residents of Santa Maria.
The worrying phenomenon, the Assembly member stressed has formed his decision to consult the police officers and traditional authorities in the area to intend to establish police post and neighborhood watch committee to end the criminal activities in Santa Maria enclaves in Accra.

He stated that the incessant criminal activities within the Santa Maria enclave have become worried to him and some concerned traditional authorities and their intended move to devise proactive measures to form a watchdog committee and police post.
Nana Kwesi Boandwoh disclosed this when he was speaking in an exclusive interview with espousing his plan to controlling the increasing criminal activities in the area.

The Assembly Member indicated that he together with Nii Osabu Akwei Tibo I, the Sowutuom Nsumfa Manste, Naa Shika, Nkosuohemaa of Santa Maria,Nii Akwei, Nkosuohene of A-Lang ,Nii Adama and able assistance from the Unit Committee members, Concerned Citizens  of the Area and some kingmakers visited various Churches starting from Christ Apostolic Church, Saving Grace Bible Church International, Sowutuom Central Pentecost, Convenant Makers Church,Santa Maria Central Pentecost amongst others.

The Assembly Member explained the morale behind their visit to the above Churches.
According to him, he wants to touch base with the individuals within his jurisdiction.
Nanai Boandwoh noted that the initiative was not meant to be imposed on any individual so he made them fill a form to indicate their consent.
He said he gave them up to the second week of October,2022 to present the filled form so he could hand them over to the police for necessary action to be taken.

He said the formation will proceed public education with the collection of their finger prints.
The Chief of the Area, according to the Nkosouhene, Naa Shika is ready to donate a piece of land for project.

Additionally, the Assembly Member gave the indication to visit mosques within the Area for the purpose of education.
He said a general meeting will be organized to brief residents on the need for same and how they could also assist.
He stated categorically clear that his Initiative is devoid of politics.