Sanitation: Residents at Abuakwa-Kubease foretells Cholera and Malaria outbreak

A section of concerned citizens at Abuakwa - Kubease have complained to Soireenews that the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal failure to attend to a gutter in which people dump refuse could severely affect their health.

Sanitation: Residents at Abuakwa-Kubease foretells Cholera and Malaria outbreak

Residents at Abuakwa-Kubease in the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal have predicted per their living conditions that within few years to come, Abuakwa will record the highest cholera and malaria cases in the Ashanti.

Intelligence behind their words revealed that there is a gutter in the area which needs urgent attention to be fixed. The situation seems to have been neglected by the Assembly following people’s decision to turn the place into a refuse dump.

According to residents, the Assemblyman was fully concerned before he was elected into the position but has failed to attend to their concerns since he resumed office.

“People from far and near sneak at night to dump refuse in the gutter,” they told Soireenews.

“The Assemblymember is aware of the situation and promised that when he is voted to lead, he will help to end this situation but he seems to have turned a deaf ear.

“We called to tell him of our preparations towards this challenge that we want to make contributions to support the Assembly yet anytime we invite him he fails to show up. If care is not taken, there will be severe cholera and malaria outbreak which would cost lives.

“We are pleading to Assembly to help us resolve this.”

Another resident outlined that the Abuakwa contribute immensely in terms of levies to the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal yet their necessities have been abandoned by the leaders. He cautioned that should any misfortune happen to residents before the Municipal makes efforts, it will not go down well with the Municipal.

“Reports I have heard tells that levies collected from Abuakwa to the Assembly amount to almost C40, 000 cedis. Look at our gutters and bridges, it’s a shame and should any life be lost, we won’t take it lightly at all.


“Are the leaders not serving us so why wait for bad news to break before attending to our needs? They should put their things in order to solve these challenges.”

Soireenews reached out to the Assemblyman known as Hon. Papa Clinton but he declined to talk. He excused that he has a class to teach.