Sanitation Is a Threat to Us - Kwamang Residents Appeal to Gov't

The Assembly also called on stakeholders to expand the capacity of their transformers due to the recent growth of the town.

Sanitation Is a Threat to Us - Kwamang Residents Appeal to Gov't
A child open defacating at the refuse dump.

Residents of Kwamang in the Afigya Kwabre North District are appealing to the government and relevant stakeholders to evacuate their dumpsite which has become a life-threatening factor on their health.



According to the Assemblymember of the community, Hon Kwabena Busumuru Ababio, the mound refuse dump is behind a clinic and a school which affects patients and school children with its disgusting odour, and easier to cause mild discomfort and breathing problems.

“This heap of dump is a big issue affecting us a lot. We have informed the assembly and they have promised to evacuate it for us," he said.



“This site is in the middle of the town and there is a school in the opposite direction. The stench from the site is unhealthy for the school children and patients, therefore as a matter of urgency, we are pleading to the assembly to evacuate that aged refuse damp.

"Anytime heavy winds easily blow, it scatters the refuse around the school which creates discomfort for students and the sick. It is really endangering our lives here and we call on our leaders to intervene by helping us empty this place," he stressed.



Hon Kwabena Busumuru Ababio applauded the government in terms of educational policies and infrastructures in the District, especially for the Kwamang township. He disclosed that the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government has assisted the community through the construction of a Primary and Kindergarten Block but identified that the Methodist Kindergarten block has recently been hit by a heavy downpour which has led to the collapse of roofs on the building.



He informed that the Assembly has already be notified on the danger yet he is still counting on them to restore the block on time to enable the children to delight in a serene environment for their studies when school reopens.

“We have really benefitted from this government in terms of education. We didn’t have a KG block but the efforts of the townsmen and government’s support have enabled us acquired one. Our challenge right now is the Methodist KG which has lost its roofing due to a heavy downpour.



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“Due to the COVID 19, the children are home and I have informed the assembly to come to our aid and roof the building for us. It will be unfortunate if school reopens and the pupils come to experience this situation, ‘he added.

The Vice unit committee chairman, Kennedy Addai pleaded to the District Assembly to fulfil the payment of the free water initiated by the president to the people during the COVID-19 season as it is the only source of revenue to the community.



Kwamang has grown in its length and breadth with only two power transformers, another time bomb waiting to explode if not attended to. The vice unit committee chairman. Addai Kennedy complained that the rate at which inhabitants acquire electricity to their various homes, especially at new sites, is dangerous narrating that the load of the entire town is far greater than the power provided by the two transformers.



Per his words, the government has provided extra three transformers but authorities in charge are failing to install them for use. He, therefore, pleaded for a quick set up to avoid any electrical tragedy at Kwamang.