Public Musical Fun Urged To Listen To Under The Coconut Tree Song

Public Musical Fun Urged To Listen To Under The Coconut Tree Song
Cynthia Cudjoe
It is high time the public musical fun listen to the song titled "Under The Coconut Tree" being released to the market in the year 2022 by popular Ghanaian female artist, Cynthia Cudjoe who is puporlarly known in the music industry as KorYoe and her group K.A.Hypercon Entertainment.
Under the coconut tree is one of her song recorded to help minimise the rate at which teachers impregnate young inexperience female students and vise versa for their lustful desires.
However KorYoe realized that this is one of the major problems affecting and also a contributory factor to teenage pregnancy in Africa and across the globe hence the reason she  compose the song.
Speaking in an interview with Soireenews. com, KorYoe noted that her song addresses how a service teacher  sent to the village to serve met this pretty young girl,took advantage of her innocence  and left her stranded in the village with pregnancy for the city.
According to her, the song talk about how the girl struggled to find her way to the city years later and found him with another lady.
She stressed that the lyrics of the song were so educative and noted that it "a song you must listen to and enjoy the creative nature of it.