Police Approve On ''Fix Agradaa'' Demo Over Her Scam

The Ghana Police has Approved aggrieved netizens who have been victims of Agradaa's infamous 'sika gari' and scam.

Police Approve On ''Fix Agradaa'' Demo Over Her Scam

Repented Ghanaian fetish priestess and alleged charismatic scammer, Evangelist Patricia Mama Asiedu popularly known as Nana Agradaa is currently hot as all the people she has allegedly swindled have geared up to launch a massive demonstration against her.

Before her repentance, Nana Agradaa was noted for her notorious Sika Gari scam which she reportedly used to dupe innocent and naive people.

Nana Agradaa told her victims to bring a certain amount of money under the pretext of doubling it for them but never did as promised and insulted them on top after they went to complain to her.

All the people who have suffered from these scathy attacks from Nana Agradaa have been entreated to join the ‘Ghana need Ghana’ demo to tame & put Nana Agradaa to order.

According to Rev Mrs. Patience Mensah aka Mama Yasha – Authorities should regulate how Nana Agradaa uses the internet because many young people are learning from her bad behavior.

For over a month now, Nana Agradaa has turned her Facebook page into an insult parade grounds where she attacks and slanders anyone who crosses her line including innocent people such as Fadda Dickson, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, etc

The demonstration is scheduled to come off on the 26th of this month at 8:00 AM at Circle Obra Spot.

Watch the video below to know more

Nana Agradaa is yet to react to this punishing development and as usual, she will mercilessly descend on the organizers of the demo.