People Who Say TV Is Responsible For Kasoa Ritual Killing Are Right - Socrate Sarfo

Chairman of NFA, Socrate Sarfo, accepts blame of Kasoa ritual killings and places it squarely on the unfiltered nature of TV content

People Who Say TV Is Responsible For Kasoa Ritual Killing Are Right - Socrate Sarfo
Socrate Sarfo

Socrate Sarfo has agreed with the people who blame TV content for ritual killing.

The chairman of the Classification Committee of the National Film Authority stated that the nature of content that is allowed to go on television networks in recent times in the country is indirectly responsible for the murder of an eleven (11) year old by two teenagers.

According to him, the things that people see on television have a strong influence on what they do in real life and since there are no controls on Ghanaian media anything can happen now.

“Anyone who says our TV content is responsible for the Kasoa killing is right. There are no controls on what is broadcast on television and anyone can put out any content on TV without looking at its effects on society”.

Per his words, some things should not be allowed to go on TV and even if they are, they must be censored so the young ones do not come across them.

“One of the kids narrating how they murdered the victim said he struck the victim with a log and this can be attributed to what they’ve seen on television”.

“I will agree with anyone blaming the media for what happened in Kasoa”,

He noted that the fight on proper television content “is not about Socrate Safo”.

The chairperson who has kids the same age as the offenders insists, “The more we expose kids to horrific content, the more they learn the ills of society”.

Using this as an example, he implored television stations across the country to ensure sanity on their screens in an interview on the Epa Hoa Daben political talk show hosted by Happy98.9FM’s Don Kwabena Prah.

Two teenagers have been arrested by the police in Kasoa in the Central Region, for their alleged involvement in a murder said to be related to money rituals.

The teenage boys, 15 and 17 years respectively, are said to have lured their victim, a 10-year-old boy identified only as Ishmael, into an uncompleted building and reportedly killed him.

They are said to have hit him with an object which resulted in his instant death.