Pastor Pleads With Members To Increase Their Offering

A Nigerian Pastor has asked church members to increase their offering because men of God are suffering

Pastor Pleads With Members To Increase Their Offering

Pastor Igomowe a self-styled Nigerian pastor has got many shocked as he go on his knees and begged church members to increase their offerings in the church because times are hard for the men of God.

In a video sighted by Soiree News which has already gone viral, Pastor Igomowe claimed that everything in Nigeria has become more expensive, pointing out that while staple goods like rice, beans, and bread have all increased in price, people’s almsgivings have not.

He complained that the circumstance is making his neck dry and impacting him as a preacher.

The man forewarned the people of God not to allow him to use his position to curse them.

After the video was dropped followers, netizens, and church members reacted with mixed feelings, others slammed the man of God for the complaint, and others also applauded him for telling the truth.

Check out some comments from netizens

dizzkidofficial: So the church in turn business? Sapa u do this one”

Spunkysessentials: “Pastor ejorh can you share back all the tithe we have been paying when the country is a bit fair?? Abg?”

badasvlog: “Sincere pastor? I like you are not the one that wants to feed the Holy Spirit with church money”

mrlilgaga: When did God complain of his 10%”

mira__ch_i_: ????… I like how he makes it clear that the money goes to him and not the “Holy Spirit”?