Parliament takes part in tree planting, speaker leads 

The Speaker of Ghana's parliament asserted that "it is imminent that as a country we continue to pursue policies that are socially just, economically viable and ecologically sustainable."

Parliament takes part in tree planting, speaker leads 
Speaker of Parliament planting seedling

The house of the people's representative, parliament has joined the government's policy to grow trees throughout the country named "Green Ghana Project." 

The Right Honourable Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin led some directors, clerk to parliament, the two deputy speakers and staffs of the law-making body to plant variety of plants at the enclave of parliament.

In due of this, the speaker directed that all members should join their people at the constituency to take part in the exercises.

Speaking, during the tree planting exercise, the Speaker of the House told the Project is an initiative by the Government for the planting of five million trees across the country and "as part of this initiative, we seek to work out a formula for economic trees such as Timber, Wawa, Nim, Rosewood and Shea trees to be planted."

According to him, "by this policy initiative, we will be making investment for our future. In committing to this exercise, we are not just going to plant the trees and walk away. Indeed, we are encouraged to nurse, nurture, and monitor them in a manner to ensure the progress of these trees. 

"In Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 God said, “I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you, it shall be for food.” We are also reminded in Deuteronomy chapter 20 verse 19b that, we shall not destroy trees by wielding an axe against them, for the tree of the field is man’s food.

"Trees are the biggest plants on the planet and are very essential in our lives. Its importance cannot be underrated as its function expands to meet the needs generated by our modern lifestyles. 

"I believe The Green Ghana Project initiative is a special opportunity for all of us to recover over time our loss in this area. Through our own destructive practices, not only have we degraded the natural environment God gave us, but we have also virtually depleted our forest reserves " he said. 

"The world as a whole is now confronted with the threats of desertification, droughts, irregular patterns of rainfall and all the attendant challenges including food security. The time to engage and address this global challenge, I believe is now. 

"In this regard, it is imminent that as a country we continue to pursue policies that are socially just, economically viable and ecologically sustainable. This initiative is certainly a commendable one that is less costly, all involving and most participatory."

Mr speaker disclosed that the Parliament of the Republic remains committed to the promotion of a sustainable green environment in Ghana. The Honorable members of Parliament are also participating in the ongoing exercise of planting trees in their constituencies.