Parents Must Pay Attention To Their Girl-child Education

Advice to parents concerning girl child education by the chairperson of Our Lady Of Mercy Auxiliary Knight of St John’s International.

Parents Must Pay  Attention To  Their Girl-child Education
Girl Child

The Our Lady Of Mercy Auxiliary Knight of St John’s International ‎has appealed to parents in the country to support girl-child education to enable young females to harness their potential and contribute to national growth and development.

The chairperson of the group, Mrs  Betty Aba Obeng gave the advice in an interview with Soireenew at Tema community 3 Malibu Estate during breakfast dinner with the residents

Mrs Betty said that parents should support their female children education, rather than preventing them from going to school, adding that such an act was unacceptable.

She said that the girl-child required adequate education, and warned against early marriage and Teenage Pregnancy. 

She urged parents especially mothers to strive and ensure that their girl-child acquired formal education, no matter what it would cost.

“Giving the girl-child education is a necessity and not an option; it is not a waste of resources or time.

“‎Arming girl-child with education will make her formidable and prepare for future responsibilities, as she exudes confidence that will make her think out of the box,” she said.

Mrs Betty stressed that the girl-child should be allowed to explore her world educationally.

She explained that education was the only weapon that could make women equate with their male counterparts, and appealed to parents to save the girl-child from the looming danger of illiteracy.

”Parents should give the girl-child opportunity to develop and mature physically before venturing into marriage,” she added.

Mrs Betty Aba Obeng explained the purpose of the breakfast donated to the inhabitants of Malibu Estate of  Tema community 3.

 The breakfast was milo tea, Hausa Koko, Tom Brown. Oblayo, bread, Sausage, milk, fry egg etc.  

According to her, the association was established to support the needed communities in the region.  

 Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu, Greater Accra Regional Correspondent