Ole loves to be criticised

Ole Gunnar Solskajer is confident that Manchester United will return to winning ways, and that cannot be done without criticism from stakeholders of the game.

Ole loves to be criticised
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has welcomed criticism, saying it’s a way to make one stand up to himself.

Manchester United manager says he really enjoys it when the media direct the storms at him and is ever ready to condone them.

The Norwegian was on the verge of being sacked after a 5-0 humiliating scoreline by Liverpool at Old Trafford last month yet a sounding 3-0 victory at Spurs saw the pressure decline. He faces Atalanta in the Champions League Group F and per his statement, it's journalist's job to give their opinions.

“Criticism can make you doubt yourself or you can stand up for yourself and I've always enjoyed criticism,” Solskjaer said ahead of the flight to Italy.

“Just keep that coming, that's fine.

“You know, journalists, pundits, experts, we've all got different jobs and it's their job to give their opinion.

“That's their job. I'm not here to fight with them, I don't need a spat with anyone.”

The Red Devils are on top of Group F with 6 points and will need the three points to tighten their grip on top of the table to enable progression to the next stage. He assured that they will take games one after the other and make sure results go their way.

“We've been looking and working to get consistency and we know that when we get that consistency we'll get results and performances.

“As I said, one swallow doesn't make a summer and it's important that we just keep focusing on what we did well in that game but improve on what we didn't do as well.

“It's relentless, it's games every three days, it's a chance tomorrow to prove that we can go again.”