Old Aged Akim Oda Chief Palace collapse 

No casualty was recorded in the collapse of the old aged Akyem Oda chief’s palace.

Old Aged Akim Oda Chief Palace collapse 
Chief Palace collapses

The old aged Akyem Oda chief’s palace has collapsed on Thursday, September 16, 2021, after the wooden/mud storey old palace developed cracks several decades ago.

Part of the one-storey building which has housed the chieftaincy for almost a century now fell on Thursday afternoon.

The mud house has been in a very deplorable state for years now, however, information gathered say chieftaincy issues in the town has rendered the Omanhene’s palace not attended to.

Moreover, the collapsed Akyem Oda chief’s palace reported no casualties, although, there are people living in a part of the palace.

An interview with a Royal of Oda revealed, that "the collapsed building is a very old one with hardwoods used as iron bars, which necessary maintenance was ignored over the past three decades and he believed that is the cause of the cracks that emanated in it about 20 years ago" he stressed.

The Member of Parliament for Akim Oda, Hon Alexander Akwasi Acquah, together with NADMO, and other stakeholder institutions have taken the necessary actions to protect lives and properties.

Most valuable items have been recovered and the area has since been cordoned off, to prevent casualties.

William Ofori Akwaboa, Eastern Regional Correspondent