Oforikrom West Assemblymember accounts to residents

Honourable Joshua Ofori has advised inhabitants in the Oforikrom Municipality to practice good hygiene and make the right decisions when it comes to matters of tidying the environment.

Oforikrom West Assemblymember accounts to residents
Honourable Joshua Ofori, Oforikrom West Assemblymember

The Assemblyman for Oforikrom West, Honorable Joshua Ofori has given a report on his job for the first one and half year for the sake of transparency and accountability towards residents.

The interpretations covered areas of Education, Health, Security, Lighting and Sports and the purpose behind such is to evade accusations by inhabitants for misappropriating funds meant for development unlike what his predecessors in the Oforikrom Municipality were suspected of.

“My forerunners who have been accused of not accounting towards their residents and in my one and half year, I have decided to report to them to know the state and the way forward of the community in order to support us fully,” he said.

According to the Assemblymember, during his first one and a half year, he gave away 15 sewing machines, 10 hairdryers, 15 barbering machines to apprentice to start their own business in 12 areas in the Municipality.

In the area of education, two people were awarded a government scholarship to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where they are studying to better their future to be able to be of service to the Municipal and their various communities.

He updated that through the Member of Parliament, Honorable Dr Emmanuel Marfo and the Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Tema Gambrah, every corner at Oforikrom have access to lights which has help curtail criminal activities in the various communities.

Water challenges was been ruled out of his reign asserting that a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as Heart of Mercy in Saudi Arabia has dug them a borehole which residents benefit from free of charge plus one other by a former MCE.

Honourable Joshua Ofori revealed that the NGO provides the Assembly with a levy for maintenance of the borehole to keep functioning and for electricity.

He discussed that their main challenge is an abandoned toilet facility in one of the communities which belonged to a school where unpatriotic inhabitants have begun dumping garbage beside. He told that efforts to get the facility demolished and end the dumping of refuse have proved unsuccessful on several attempts including a discussion during a General Assembly Meeting.

He touched on erosion and drainage challenges saying solutions are been provided to resolve the dislodged. He advised townsmen to adopt the attitude of keeping their community tidy by putting refuse bins to use.

He lamented that the avoidance of the waste bins by the people is a discourteous decision and if for the sake of their health, the right decision should be made to avoid any disease outbreak.