Oforikrom-Anwiam-Dagombaline residents laments over insecurity

Honorable John Nketiah assured residents of the Ofori Municipality that the solution will be provided to bring peace and sanity to the various communities.

Oforikrom-Anwiam-Dagombaline residents laments over insecurity
Flooding in a community at Oforikrom

Residents of Oforikrom-Anwiam-Dagombaline have lamented over insecurity due to deprived installation of lights in the various communities, breeding robbery and putting inhabitants’ life in danger at night. 

They have also complained about poor drainage system which usually results in flooding whenever there is a heavy downpour. Residents have expressed that from Anloga Junction to the Anwiam Clinic lack street bulbs which endanger lives of people who tread on the road.

They told Soiree news that the heavy darkness presented at night has interested weed-smokers in the communities to assault persons at night for their possessions. The situation, they told, keeps rising and they have called on the government to provide them street lights to shine the darkness out of the communities.

“There are thieves around because of the darkness here,” a resident told Soireenews.

“People are assaulted because of the absence of lights. From Anloga Junction to Anwiam clinic requires the installation of light to end these disasters,” he said.

He praised that the Assembly members’ introduction of volunteers have tailed off the act, narrating that gunshots were rampant in the areas yet Police have not been able to bring perpetrators to books anytime they are called upon.

“The introduction of volunteers have really helped a lot because through them there has been peace,” the resident told.

“Gunshot were multiplying and by the time the police arrive after placing a call, they find no one.

“My appeal to the government is to provide us electricity. The Assemblyman has been helpful in helping to curtail the act yet it's time the government help us.

“We can’t tell which house the robbers come from. They are not from far places – they are in the community. They smoke and in the end, begin to attack people which is uncalled for.

“I can boldly declare that they are from here but pointing which house they come from is the challenge,” he ended.

The Assemblyman of Oforikrom East, Honorable John Nketiah revealed that although a volunteer group has been established yet their inauguration is pending and when all formalities are done, they will be of good use in helping to eradicate robbery in the community.

“I have earlier informed the police and the landlords and storeowners must cope with the volunteers to help prevail peace here. The volunteers have just been established and their inauguration will soon be done,” he said.

Speaking on their recent cleanup exercise which took place on Sunday, April 4, 2021, Honorable John Nketiah told that it is part of his plans to help residents of Oforikrom-Anwiam-Dagombaline to overcome their health challenges and the undertaking is just the start.

He called on his people to make the waste bins provided serve their purpose in order to keep the environment free from filth.