Now I Regret I Took A Picture With Kevin Hart-Repented Majid Michel Say's

Majid Michel has disclosed the worse part of his life of being a drug addict before repenting

Now I Regret I Took A Picture With Kevin Hart-Repented Majid Michel Say's

The Ghanaian renowned actor, Majid Michel, has made a shocking revelation about his life saying that he was into drugs, smoking, and other awful things before he found Christ.

Speaking on an interview on Joy FM’s Gospel show ‘The Reason is Jesus’ with Fiifi Forson, Majid revealed that he consumed narcotics until he decide to turn he chose to alter that life and accept being a staunch Christian.

He said, “I used to go out to drink, go and booze, we go and smoke, get into fights on the streets. So I did some drugs; we tried something to see how it goes."

According to him, he knew God, there were times he did not understand the sermons and the teachings he heard from the pastors.

He added, “I’ve always known God all my life. There was no turning point. Since I remember being aware in life, I have known God"

He also disclosed that his circle of friends nearly wrecked him due to drug and alcohol addiction.

Actor-turned-evangelist now advised young people to be conscious of persons they choose as friends as they wield power to mold their lives.

He said, "friends are critical. If you are a young guy, be careful in choosing them because your friends are very critical in your life.”

He, however, reckoned that the acting interest can be regenerated if need be, but currently, he is focused on the things of God and how to acquire the knowledge he needs.

“After the movie ‘Somewhere in Africa’, I was introduced to the cast of ‘Think like a man’, Steve Harvey’s book in Los Angeles, because the movie was premiered in Los Angeles and the President of the Pam African Film Festival, was there. So when Sony Pictures was premiering the movie with Kevin Hart and Megan Good, I was there.

“Through that film, I got to meet all these people. I didn’t even take a picture with Kevin Hart. He wasn’t famous as at the time. Now I regret it. But I had a picture with Megan Good and the husband she recently split up with. I thought that was her bodyguard at the time.”

“To me, it was where I wanted to be, and after that, an interest in me just left. The interest just left me like that. It doesn’t mean it won’t come back. I was probably drawn back into the wilderness a little bit to recharge on something and come back,” Majid recounted.

Majid Michel over the past few years has been preaching the Gospel which came as a surprise to most of his followers.