Next Season’s Show Can Only Be Better - Giovani Caleb

Host of Date Rush, Giovani Caleb, promises fans a better edition of the just concluded Date Rush next season

Next Season’s Show Can Only Be Better - Giovani Caleb
Giovani Caleb

Giovani Caleb is promising the fans of Date Rush a better show next season.

The host of the popular television show, #DateRush on TV3, who faced criticism and fan backlash when he took over hosting duties from the show’s three-season host, Nii Kpakpo Thompson, said this while speaking on the challenges he encountered with the overwhelming success of the just-ended seasons of the Date Rush.

“Finally we are done and my deep appreciations are to God, my Family, the Management of Media Generale, the production team, and #DateRush’s global audience. Deep lessons have been learned, feedback is taken in good faith and all I can promise teeming fans of the show is that the next seasons can only better” He noted. 

He had gotten a late notification for his appointment after the management of TV3 informed him of Nii Kpakpo’s relocation from Ghana, few days to the start of the new season.

This caused the fans to hit out at the host of the 3FM Drive, but he undoubtedly rose to the occasion and took the show to new heights much to the satisfaction of the fans.

Giovani Caleb maintained that the years of experience in the entertainment industry had prepared him to take over any form of tv business so he knew he was ready to host the show.

“The experience has been a roller coaster ride for me. The initial doubts and public criticisms even before the first episode aired was quite unsettling but that encouraged me to prove the critics wrong with my craft”

“I had a week’s notice to get ready for the show and like a soldier, I had to be ready because I knew that each step of the way will be critiqued and I will have no excuses if I did not give off my best”

As a man that loves to take on new challenges, he recounted how he would always go out of his comfort zone to improve himself.

The former Starr FM Drive Time host and YFM Program’s Manager revealed that he still continuously maintains a very healthy relationship with his former bosses despite his exit from their company.

“One thing I’m very good at doing it, I make sure I don’t leave on a bad note and I believe that many young people lack that. If you are employed by someone, you become desperate and you have so much passion in you and at some point in time you think it’s time for you to try more arrears because you have so much to give, you need to let your bosses know."