Newly-installed Ahenkro chief promises to let Peace reign and make education his utmost priority

Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku IV was sworn in as the new chief of Ahenkro on Thursday, December 17, 2020

Newly-installed Ahenkro chief promises to let Peace reign and make education his utmost priority
Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku IV

 The newly installed chief of Ahenkro in the Afigya Kwabre North, Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku IV has promised to resolve individual differences among his inhabitants and uphold peace and unity for the progress of his township.

According to him, Ahenkro has been deprived of infrastructural projects and the major factor to such difficulty is the failure to bridge conflicting intervals between persons for one common purpose. He addressed that although many expressed displeasure at his choosing as the ruler of the land yet he respects the opinions of the people and won’t hold any grudge against anyone.

“It is my duty as a leader to bring all together to start building this town. I need each and everyone to support me to help flourish and impact all people in this town,” he said.

Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku IV was enstooled as the chief of Ahenkro by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II at Manhyia on Thursday, December 17 following a lengthy absence of a chief for the Ahenkro community after the demise of the late Nana Appiah, the former chief of Ahenkro from the Oyoko clan 43 years ago.

Hundreds gathered at the Manhyia Palace to witness the enstoolment of John Opoku, now Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku as he was inducted into office through an oath to the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The Oyoko family on Friday, December 18, 2020, gathered to celebrate the victory and express appreciation to God Almighty and the Asantehene for choosing one of their own as a leader.


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Nana told that one thing he will start carrying out to help shapen the destiny of Ahenkro is to get the youth informed through education. He opened that lack of schooling has robbed his community many opportunities hence his decision. He called also on government to come to their aid with industrial projects to resolve unemployment in the town.

“My main motive as a chief is to make education my first priority. We have been left behind of so many things as a result of education and I want to sink into it. All neighbouring towns have taken a step further and we have been affected for years now.

“I want to develop provide jobs for my inhabitants and my plea to the president is that we have enough lands here for any governmental projects so he should come to our aid in resolving this unemployment challenge.”

Members of the royal family updated that the absence of a chief at Ahenkro has brought about insufficiencies and challenges among the youth. They assured that the appointment of the new leader would turn things around and raise the status of the town.

“It’s been 43 years since Nana Appiah’s demise. We have not had a better replacement for him and it has affected us very well. We had no leader who would counsel and invest in trade and schools to empower the youth. We thank God Almighty for leading Otumfuo to appoint us one of our own from the Oyoko family.  Development has come and we look forward to it soon at the enstoolment of Nana,” a family member confessed.

Junior brother of Nana Ahenkro Sei-Poku IV, Kwadwo Amponsah entreated the chief to reconcile with his competitors and let peace reign in his administration.

“My plea is for us to come together and support the chief. Nana should do his best to resolve every pending issues. We know very well that when we come together as family, we’ll rebuild the town.”