New Voter Registration exercise begins in the Ashanti Region

The EC boss in the Ashanti Region has called on patience among constituents who have no clue about the cluster system.

New Voter Registration exercise begins in the Ashanti Region
New Voter Registration exercise

The Ashanti Regional Director for the Electoral Commission (EC), Mr. Benjamin Bannor-Bio has assured that the cluster system of voters registration exercise in the Region has started and no complaints have been lodged as at the time of filing report.

He made known that all the necessary materials have been put in place to make the exercise fruitful with backups. He further disclosed that a six-day mob-up will be instituted to capture everyone who was out of reach during the exercise.

The Electoral Commission on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, began its new voter’s register system across Ghana in over 33,000 polling stations. Each cluster consists of five registration centers and the period will have five phases with each Registration team working for a period of six (6) days in each phase within the cluster. There will be a day set aside, “to assemble and prepare the materials for the next phase.



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The Electoral Commissioner, Mrs. Jean Mensah earlier explained that “this is where in a district with 50 polling stations, 5 will form one cluster which means there will be 10 clusters."

Reports filed in the early hours of Tuesday showed residents at some polling stations queued up and waiting for materials to show up to be registered.

Speaking on Angel in the Morning Show, Mr. Bannor Bio informed that vans of the EC with public address system have been deployed to educate the people on the cluster method and so, people must exercise patience and adhere to the various directives by the EC to prevent queuing’s in such a time of COVID-19.



He disclosed that areas undergoing the exercise in the Ashanti Region as of Tuesday morning are responding to the laid down measures.

On how senior High School students can be registered, he asserted that plans are in place to visit the various schools and register students in order to restrain the COVID from escalating in the various schools.