Nana Tornado Finally Forgives Mzbel

Mzbel receives her forgiveness after begging Nana Tornado

Nana Tornado Finally Forgives Mzbel

Nana Tornado has accepted Mzbel's apology.

It would be recalled that Mzbel had asked Nana Tornado to forgive her after she and other celebrities neglected him.

Nana Tornado declared that he will be doing away with all of his fans and friends because they were not there for him in his time of need.

“My brother @kingnanatonardo1 I’m sorry, please forgive your careless big sister, if u leave me who will be my Supi? Who will I gossip in Ga with, who will ROAR for me when they’re coming after me? Tell me who will make me laugh?

“Please I was careless, give me another chance. Ei my pastries, whose mum will make them, who will love me like u love me?

“I’m sorry ok? Kaashimi Tsakemomi ????????????.” She wrote.

Nana Tornado has now accepted the unqualified apology.

According to him, the relationship between himself and Mzbel is one that can never be broken.

He took to his Instagram to express his joy by reaffirming their friendship.

Ayemi. My Supi ekome . Tsui. Omg..It’s an insane world but in it, there is one Sanity, the Loyalty of Tsui. Sometimes Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on. But trust me, Life was also meant for good friends and great adventures like You,” he captioned a photo of MzBel which he shared on his Instagram page.

“Our friendship is when we know all about each other and stiiiiiiiiiil ? and have fun. .I would rather walk with @mzbeldaily l in the dark, than alone in the light, Tsui Ekome. Will catch up soon and discuss!! “Who let the dog out.. “ he maintained.