My long hair has a secret, so I keep it long - Sonnie Badu

Undoubtedly, Sonnie Badu is one of the best gospel musicians to have come out of Ghana, yet some Christians are troubled by his lifestyle and sense of style.

My long hair has a secret, so I keep it long - Sonnie Badu

 Strong Christians questioned which gospel musician with an Afro hairstyle maintains bushy hair while they are expected to have a clean, shaven hairdo when the Ghanaian gospel singer, who is located in the US, entered the music scene.

Even though Sonnie Badu was aware of all of these grievances, he never responded, leaving individuals to hold onto their viewpoints.

The 'Baba' hitmaker, who had gained international fame, gave himself a new appearance by shaving her busy hair after spending some time outside. People who had been critical of his bushy hair suddenly praised him for acting like a sincere Christian as a result.

Things quickly changed, however, as the musician adopted his previous appearance but this time decided to take it a step further by transforming his afro into dreadlocks.

The musician also got some tattoos, which only made matters worse for him as these so-called ardent Christians continued to attack him and claim he was not living a life worthy of Christ.

The musician has, however, given an explanation for why he has always had long hair in a post on his official and verified Instagram account.

He claims that there is a secret behind it, but that it is not appropriate to reveal it at this time since his father has not given him permission to do so.

He posted: “Someday I’ll share my story behind my long hair.. just one day ….. if my father allows me.. #Secret of the family”