Liberia loses trace of suspects after $100m drug trial

Following an unexpected acquittal by the trial jury, the authorities in Liberia claim to have lost all track of four suspected drug dealers connected to a $80 million (£100 million) cocaine shipment.

Liberia loses trace of suspects after $100m drug trial

 Security agents in Liberia last year, with help from the US and Brazil, confiscated a container containing more than 500 kg of cocaine.

At the time, the arrest of four individuals from Liberia, Portugal, Lebanon, and Guinea-Bissau was seen as one of Liberia's greatest victories against drug traffickers.

However, a Monrovia jury this week ruled them not guilty.

The ruling, according to the justice minister, had exposed Liberia to international disgrace. Although they have since gone, he has threatened to re-arrest them.

Authorities in Liberia have started looking for the suspects.