Lack of protection thwarting human rights fight-Joseph Wemakor

The fight for the protection has become a huge one as the state has no protection for advocates.

Lack of protection thwarting human rights fight-Joseph Wemakor

A renowned human rights activist cum seasoned journo, Mr. Joseph Wemakor has taken a swipe at the state authorities for not doing enough to protect the rights and lives of human cum social rights advocates/activists who are committed to championing causes at perils of their lives daily to bring about the desired change.

. According to him, advocacy/activism as major tools for change exposes the advocates/activists to greater risks including loss of dear lives in most cases which requires that maximum protection and support are given to them by the authorities to guarantee their safety and security to continue to deliver on their mandate towards achieving results.

Mr. Wemakor made this known in an interview with Victoria Beeko Danso, host of HB Pulse on Homebase TV, during his appearance to discuss the topic: “Combating Cruelty against Children 2” on Monda,y August 29, 2022.  

The gleaming morning show among others seeks to throw more light on the woes of the 7-year-old girl who got brutally abused, tortured, and bound with ropes on both hands and feet by his father after she was accused of shoplifting a biscuit from a shop.

The unfortunate incident caused a stir on social media on Tuesday,y July 19, 202,2, and broke many hearts the moment video footage and photographs were accompanied by a powerful caption: “Tied like a lamb to the slaughter“ by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) went viral.

However, by the swift intervention of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s Department of Social Welfare and Community Development through the support of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP,) the child was freed from oppression.

When asked by the host what challenges are his outfit battling in the fight against human rights, M.r Joseph Wemakor who doubles as the Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) and the Co-convener of the Youth and the SDG3 sub-platforms of the Ghana Civil Society Organizations Platform on SDGs in Ghana said:

“activism is not an easy task at all; it exposes u, activists,s to so much risk and if care is not taken and you run out of luck, you might even lose your life in the process. That’s why people like us ought to be protected so we can continue to work to bring about change”.

He further revealed that his outfit often chanced upon gross human rights violations on a dailybasissthath ought to be uncovered but due to lack of protection by the authorities, the group could not take action as a result of fear of victimization.   

The HRRG is a vibrant Ghanaian human rights advocacy group with a global reach, committed to ensuring people’s rights are respected, protected,d and fulfilled.  It is made up of young Ghanaian journalists, editors, lawyers, human rights activists, advocates,s, and defenders who are wholly dedicated and committed to helping address issues of human rights violations in Ghana and beyond to bring the country closer to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Source: