'Kutunse Chief Has Approached Me  With Request To Help Him To Dump  Friends With False Pretend That We  Have Lands In East Legon To Sell To  Them; But I Disagree With Him'

He pointed out that when the deal was not successful, Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II has resulted of using the media to attack the integrity of Dr. Danso and him to create impression that the two  prominent personalities have supported their company to take his land from him at East Legon

'Kutunse Chief Has Approached Me  With Request To Help Him To Dump  Friends With False Pretend That We  Have Lands In East Legon To Sell To  Them; But I Disagree With Him'
The Project Sites Manager of Topkings Enterprise Limited,  a real estate company  a real estate company, Mr Kweku Boakye has exposed how the Chief of Kutunse Traditional Area in the Ga East Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II intends to lure him into the fraudulent sale of lands situated at Top Kings Village in East Legon.
"The Kutunse Chief has approached me  with request to help him to dump friends with false pretend that we have lands In East Legon to sell to them; but I quickly disagree with Nii  Ayikumah Teikuba and reported the criminal matter of the chief to the Managing Director (MD) of Top Kings Enterprise Limited, Dr. Benjamin Kwame Danso," Mr Boakye disclosed.
He pointed out that when the deal was not successful, Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II has resulted of using the media to attack the integrity of Dr. Danso and him to create impression that the two  prominent personalities have supported their company to take his land from him at East Legon.
He explained there are records that Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II has not purchased any land from the Topkings Village Project Site in East Legon and the general public should disregard his claims of buying the land for his friends in that area.
Mr Boakye told the journalists that one Thursday somewhere December 2021 when he was on the Topkings Village site in East Legon doing his supervision jobs when Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II came to approach him with a request that he (Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II) wanted to do some land purchase business or deal with him.
Mr. Boakye was reacting to the current media report attributed to the chief of Kutunse that  Dr Danso and  forcibly and unlawfully building structures on the 5-acre land at East Legon he legally and genuinely bought for some of his friends living outside the country.
It would be recalled that in a press conference held in Kutunse on Saturday September 10, 2022, Nii  Ayikumah Teikuba II, told journalists that he paid GH¢ 10,000, GH¢ 2,000, GH¢15,000 and GH¢ 5000 which has accumulated to GH¢ 32, 000 to Dr Danso and others to erect pillars and clear the 5-acre land "l bought for my friends at East Legon; but they had ended up stealing land for their boss who is currently building structures on it at the expenses of me.
According to the chief, the land in question does not belong to the Topkings Boss, but his friends who are currently living outside the country, appealing to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene in the matter and ensure that the five-acre land is given to the rightful landowners.
The Chief narrated that “My old friend met and told me about his land at Trassaco Ghana Limited which he wanted to sell. So I asked if he has documents to the property and he said yes—so he gave me the documents including a land title for which I did the search and it was confirmed from the land registry title of the Land Commission of Ghana everything was correct,”he narrated to journalists in Accra.
According to the chief, he brought a prospective buyers who currently living outside the country to buy the land, adding that “The land we’re talking about is 5 acres, so I erected pillars around it.
Nii Ayikumah Teikuba explained that because the land owners were outside he became the caretaker.
“I had to erect pillars to protect the lands from encroachers but that did not deter them from fighting me for the lands," he indicated.
“One day, I went there and saw some people with vehicles parked on the land. But upon further inquiries I observed that they were the rightful landowners. They told me that they got hint that someone wanted to take their land."
He added that, “they claimed that they have judgement against Trasacco and that is why they are there to protect their lands so someone called me asking of what I was doing there, I explained everything to him with the documentation so he told me his name is Ben, an employee of Topkings so I gave him my documents and showed him the land”
“Since then anytime I see him with armed Military men on the land I give them money so they can protect mine as well. So, when they were grading their land, he called to inform  me how they are clearing the weeds on the land using heavy equipment machines so I gave Gh¢10,000 cedis to buy diesel so they can clear mine as well so he told his guys about what I’ve done and made them understand I gave them GH¢ 10,000 to help me clear his land for him so his boys know that that particular land is mine which was not part of the land which they got the judgement. 
“I gave his boys money anytime I go there — they had leveled all the pillars I made so I had to buy anther pillars after the calling the captain on their land which he confirmed that’s my land but because we are in need give us something so I took him to elders son of the man who owned the said land which I am the caretaker and he gave the their captain GH¢15,000 before working on the pillars again,” the chief recounted.
The chief pointed out that "the next time I went there they had brought down all the pillars again and I when l asked the boys, they told me that they are not aware I erected the pillars and that was why they destroyed the pillars.
“I erected the pillars again which I gave them GH¢ 5000 and another man called Mr Kweku Boakye came for another GH¢ 2000 and they’ve brought down the pillars again”
"I told Dr Benjamin Kwame Danso that my people wanted to come and work on the land and he told me I should hold on so if they’re done with everything then I can continue and that no one will take my land, they all know the land belongs to me”
But in a quick response, Mr Boakye described the chief of Kutunse as a criminal, pathological liar and wicked.
Conducting the journalists through the land in question on Tuesday September 19,2022, Mr. Boakye told journalists that he was shocked about the way and manner Nii Ayikumah Teikuba has gone to change the whole matter ostensibly to create the impression that the company rather has stolen his land.
He disclosed that "Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II told me that l want me to claim that he ( Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II) has come to buy such land at Topkings Village for his prospective land developers who are living outside the country."
"But l told Nii Ayikumah Teikuba that l am not ready to do such deal with him and quickly l called my boss, Dr Benjamin Kwame Danso via telephone call to inform him about exactly what Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II asked me to do for him. 
"And quickly my boss Benjamin ordered me to drive him away," Mr Boakye who claimed to have worked with the company for the past thirty (30) good years told journalists during the visit to the site.
According to Mr Boakye, Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II took advantage of his absence at the site and moved to the land somewhere Sunday December 2021to take 100 pieces of the blocks of the company to hire services of some block layers to erect pillars on the said land.
He mentioned that when he went to the site to see what the Chief of Kutunse came to do on the land he invited him (Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II) to the land and he admitted hiring services of the workers to work on the land which is belonging to the company.
Mr Boakye described the actions of the chief of Kutunse as illegal and unlawful, saying that he made him to pay GH¢200.00 as the total cost of the blocks he used to work on the land.
"So l want to state clear that that was the only money that l have corrected or made him to pay to me. Apart from that l and my boss didn't asked Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II to pay any money to us or had corrected any money from him to do any work as he claimed."
He stated that having being working with the company for the past 30 now, anytime the company which is a legal registered entity wanted to sell its lands to its prospective buyers, his boss, Dr Danso would officially informed him and the Surveyor in-charge of the Topkings, Mr. Theophilus Ayitey before they sold the lands out to the buyers.
"We always went a proper legal processes before we sell our lands to the organizations, corporate institutions and individuals land buyers and for our transactions, no disturb from land-guard activities," Mr Boakye stressed.
Mr Boakye was quick to state that in the case of Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II, non of the them were aware of any land sale transaction between him (Nii Ayikumah Teikuba II) and the company.
He mentioned that the said land was legally and genuinely bought by Topkings from the Nungua Royal Stool.
According to him, the company even had won a judgement from the Supreme Court in favour of it against Trasacco Estates Development Company Limited in the land litigation case which has travelled for over twenty-three (23) years.