‘Agya Koo Always kept me Company’– Yvonne Okoro

Okoro advised Ghanaians to uphold the Movie Industry and support it in every way

‘Agya Koo Always kept me Company’– Yvonne Okoro
Adu Kofi. aka. Agya Koo

Yvonne Okoro, Ghanaian Actress, has revealed her favorite actor in Kumawod movies during her stay in France.

‘The Beyoncé’ starred actress, speaking on Class FM regarding her upcoming movie titled ‘Fix Us’, has pointed out Agya Koo as her favorite because of his ability to portray humor in a unique way that get viewers amused all day.

“Kumawod movies are entertaining. They are funny. It is full of life lessons. Though it is mostly comedy, there is a lot to learn from it and it is fun. It is very very interesting”.



“The time I was in France; it was Agya Koo who was always keeping me company … I used to watch his movies a lot because it is entertaining and interesting.”

Yvonne Okoro, who was featured in “A Husband for Daddy” shared an advise on how to keep the Ghanaian Movie industry competitive again. She advised Ghanaians to appreciate the best producers bring out and support by patronizing to projects.

“My problem with Africans is we think that everything black is substandard. Someone will just say your movies are not good yet they have not even seen our movies before. They just follow what others are saying”.



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 “Others too just saw one movie and it wasn’t good for them but then you can’t tell me that all Hollywood movies are good. Some are complete rubbish. So you can’t use one African movie to judge all the others. If change will come, it will come from you. Change your mindset.”