KMA is the highest recorded HIV AIDS zone in the Ashanti region

Obuasi is ranked second highest HIV/Aids zone per the Ashanti regional HIV coordinator

KMA is the highest recorded HIV AIDS zone in the Ashanti region
Ashanti Region

The Ghana Aids Commission has named the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly as the HIV/AIDS hotspot area in the Ashanti Region.

According to Madam Olivia Graham, the Ashanti regional HIV coordinator in an interview on Shaft FM morning show hosted by Dzivon Justice Mensah (Ghanaba Baagio) sighted by Soireenews in an exclusive interview on Thursday, report conducted by the Ghana Aids commission indicates that 4 out of 100 people is affected with HIV/Aids in the Ashanti region. 

Madam Olivia added that the Ashanti region has been divided into four zones. KMA is the highest recorded HIV Aids zone with 5.2 per cent, Obuasi is the second-highest recorded zone with 4.2 per cent followed by Mampong 2.6 and Amansie west 2.2 per cent respectfully.

Comparing 2021 figures to 2019 she said, the disease is rising and disclosed that the cause of HIV is unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners account for a high number of the disease.

She added that mostly in mining communities the disease is highly recorded always.

Touching on other contributing factors she stressed that  hookups are a major contributor to HIV /Aids

The commission is mapping a strategy to advertise the use of condoms to eradicate HIV/aids.

Madam Olivia advised that regular checkup is one of the keys to combat the disease and one of the factors which causes its spread is stigmatism which the commission is on the verge of enforcing the law to arrest stigmatizers.

Although the advocation is a bit low, the commission has done its best to ease the spread of the disease.

On transactional sex, she said it's a worry and a major contributor to HIV Aids hence desisting from such will help bring the number down. 

On the previous donation of condoms, she said is still ongoing but the use is mear.

She concluded by advising the general public to desist from unprotected sexual intercourse.

Yaw Opoku, Obuasi