Kejetia Traders heavily demonstrate against Management after ECG disconnects lights

So far accumulated expense of electricity bills at the New Kejetia Market is GH 2.1 Million

Kejetia Traders heavily demonstrate against Management after ECG disconnects lights
Kejetia Traders

Traders at the New Kejetia Market have massively demonstrated against the Management for failing to attend to their basic necessities needed to smoothen their commerce.

Lots of shops were closed by owners on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, after the Electricity Company of Ghana disconnected lights in the market due to huge outstanding bills. The traders hence protested against their bosses to prompt them of their discontent towards their failure to supply them with electricity meters, a situation they have petitioned them for more than a year now.

According to them, they have halted the payment of bills for the reason that allocated monies to shop owners is pricey. They criticized the market management for inclining to a single meter instead of doing the right thing which will easily sort out the electricity payment crises they are facing.

So far accumulated expense of electricity bills at the New Kejetia Market is GH 2.1 Million

Mr Kwabena Fosu (MK), a Member of the executives of the New Kejetia Market told Soireenews that he suspects some foul play in the sharing of electricity bills, and management’s refusal to honour their request by providing them separate meters is proof that they are being cheated therefore regardless of what the market leaders do, they will fight for the right thing to be done.

“It’s been one and a half year we presented our petition to them concerning our light bills,” MK said.

“We have repeatedly told them the cost is too much so the best is to provide every shop with a meter and they denied. ECG has assured that the meters can be provided and the letter to be signed to make the deal possible has been ignored by the Market management. If they have a share in the bills they bring to us, they should let us know. We have vowed not to pay any penny until they reason with us.”

Mr Ahmed Kwarteng, Operations Manager of the Concern Kejetia Traders criticized the decision of the Market supervisors and spoke that per the interest of the traders, no electricity bill will be paid until personal electricity meters have been attached to their shops. He called for an explanation of the hefty bills traders pay and disclosed that many are questionable and needs explanation.

“How can we survive with one meter. The more we consume, the more it read so it was unusual for us.

“Why don’t they want to endorse the letter so ECG can provide us with the meters for our personal use? The traders have mandated us that until we see the meter, we are paying no bill. The leaders are taking advantage of us and that is fraud. How can we pay c20 cedis for street lights.”

Kejetia Ntomahemaa, Nana Boadum lamented that it is high time politicians heed the words of traders just as they adhere to other government workers when there is a need. She hit out that had their petition been raised in an election year, their requests would have been honoured yet because they are taken for granted, their opinions are observed as nothing.

She insisted that not even a penny will be provided to sort the electricity crises in the market.

 “We are not happy with this yet the fight has to start for the truth to prevail. The politicians are playing with our hearts. Had this being an election year, they would have supplied us with the meters.

“This is cheat and the fact that we are traders’ does not mean we are illiterates. They listen to doctors, teachers, nurses and it's high time they listen to us because we also help to build the country. We are paying nothing until what we desire is provided.”