It’s Easy To Deceive Ghanaians - Joyce Dzidzor Claims

Former HIV\AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah claims she can easily deceived Ghanaians because nobody pays attention to details, everyone just wants to hear and believe bad news

It’s Easy To Deceive Ghanaians - Joyce Dzidzor Claims
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Joyce Dzidzor has claimed that she was able to make Ghanaians believe that she was HIV negative because nobody pays attention to details anymore.

The former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, who recently tested positive for the virus on live tv, noted that she has been HIV positive for a long time, but she was able to keep Ghanaians confused about it because nobody wants real truth in Ghana, everyone just wants to be fed lies.

According to her, in an interview with Kofi Adomah, most Ghanaians are very gullible.

I have been in denial of my status for many years because HIV has caused me so much pain and rejection. I have lied to...

Posted by Joyce Dzidzor Mensah on Thursday, 10 June 2021

“I posted a result sometime ago which proved I had tested negative for HIV/AIDS but that was not an HIV/AIDS test result but rather a viral load result which determines the quantity of the virus a patient has in her blood but nobody noticed it because Ghanaians don’t pay attention to details,” she said.

“This is how come they feel I am playing with their minds but it is far from that,”

It would be recalled that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah's two children tested negative in the presence of the media even though their mother was positive.

She had initially wanted to "prove" her doubters wrong on social media by putting the "rumour" that she is HIV positive to bed in the live stream.

The tables how we turned on her when the test came out positive.

Joyce then apologised to everyone she might have offended during her tenure as the AIDS Ambassador.

“The purpose of his gathering is to clear all doubt and officially apologize on certain things that happened during my time as Ghana AIDS Ambassador."

"So many things went wrong and I have seen where I fell short so I decided to fly all the way from Germany to make sure I contribute to ending this issue. I am only here to right the wrongs”, She clarified.