It is better to give than to receive - Kwabena Obeng

Board Member of Steaman Heights Ghana National Gospel Music Award, Kwabena Obeng, highlights why he feels it is better to give than to receive

It is better to give than to receive - Kwabena Obeng
Kwabena Obeng

Kwabena Obeng has urged artistes who are Christians to imbibe the art of giving.

The entertainment stakeholder, President and board member of the Steaman Height Ghana National Gospel Music Awards explained that he discovered the power of charitable works while I'm the university.

According to him, while speaking in an interview with Hitz FM, the benefits of giving started to manifest for him when put God to test by offering half of his allowance to do the Lord’s work.

Per his words, he made the donations in anticipation of a miracle when the time was due for him to pursue a masters program.

He explained that God did not fail him at that point.


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“I was in Legon first year and my goal was to pursue my masters in the United States. So I challenged God that you know what, this allowance that they give us, I’m going to give you half of it and you give me my dreams. The dream happened and since then I haven’t turned back. I have realized that there more blessing in giving than receiving”.

The Steaman Group is the headline sponsors for the Ghana National Gospel Music Awards.

As a result, the award scheme has now been christened ‘Steaman Heights Ghana National Gospel Music Award’.

Mr Kwabena Obeng in the interview revealed why his outfit decided to partner the award scheme.

“I believe in what the entity is doing which is helping spread the gospel. The Scripture admonishes us to spread the gospel and if I’m not able to stand on the street to proclaim the gospel and someone is doing it. I can lend a hand to that person too”.

“The are various line items on the budget for any such big events and we are basically taking a chunk of the budget. This partnership is going to be as long as the Lord allows us to live."