I'm working with Patapaa's parents to finalize our divorce - Liha Miller

Liha Miller, the wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa, has revealed that their marriage is in disarray.

I'm working with Patapaa's parents to finalize our divorce - Liha Miller

In a recent interview, she revealed that her marriage, which took place in 2021, ended shortly after the wedding, and they have been separated for more than two years.

According to her, when she first started the process of terminating their marriage, her husband (Patapaa) did not take her seriously and rejected her decision as a bluff.

Despite her obvious desire to divorce, Patapaa failed to recognize the gravity of the issue, leaving Miller with no alternative but to take matters into her own hands.

Since then, the couple has been living apart, with Liha Miller making repeated efforts to finalize the divorce.

She has been aggressively pursuing a formal separation, meeting with Patapaa's parents in an attempt to bring closure to their failed marriage.

She has not communicated with Patapaa since and is currently working with his parents to finalize the divorce proceedings. When asked about her relationship with Patapaa, she said, "No."

He is my spouse, or ex-husband. We won't be around for a long time. People do not need to know because this is my personal life. Many people are thinking incorrectly, and I need to clarify it a little.

I married Patapaa in 2021, however our marriage did not work out.

We are officially married, and in Ghana, this is a procedure. We divorced and are in the process of finalizing things. Patapaa and I have not spoken for years.

I last saw him after the wedding, and after I left, we never spoke. "I requested a divorce, but he did not take it seriously," she explained.

She is currently in the nation, and her stay has nothing to do with her divorce processes. She is here to spend time with her friend Atemuda.