I Was Devastated - Christiana Awuni On Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s Killing Accusations

Actress, Christiana Awuni, recounts how she felt when she was accused of causing Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s death

I Was Devastated - Christiana Awuni On Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s Killing Accusations
Christiana Awuni

Christiana Awuni has expressed her displeasure at Ghanaians ability to spin evil stories that her untrue.

It would be recalled that Ghanaians accused her of causing the death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko, who died last year of colon cancer.

The rumour was orchestrated by the mother of the late Bishop, who claimed that Christiana was involved in his death because she was the one who put medicine she collected from Obofour in the food of her son.

Another lady-pastor then appeared to have "confirmed" the rumour by including a motive; in that Christiana had killed her colleague for powers and spiritual fortification because they were lovers.

Christiana Awuni immediately denied the unfounded accusations.

”It is not just about me. This has been a trend in Ghana for some time now. Anytime an influential figure passes you have crooks and mad people who call themselves pastors pinning their demise on someone. I wonder why they wait for these people to die before speaking up,” Christie said.

 ”I did not see him for over a year since he fell ill and died so how could I have poisoned him. It is just outrageous. The woman who said this is obviously mad.” She stated at the time.

Now, she has stated that Ghanaians are good are fabricating stories just to seek attention.

In her interview with ZionFelix on the May Day edition of the Ayekoo After Drive on Happy FM.

 She admitted that she was overwhelmed with grief and pain over the accusations levelled against her with regards to the demise of the late Bernard Nyarko.

“Following the death of the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko, news kept on popping on social media insinuating that I had a hand in his demise. In fact, I was devastated. I was pained at how petty some Ghanaians could be.”

I held my peace through all the accusations and trolling from social media because I believed I would be vindicated by God eventually. You see at times, the best way to respond to certain allegations and negative comments about you is to keep silent. You will only worsen your case when you react hastily in anger.” She concluded.