I Sacrificed My Time For Sarkodie, He Still Betrayed Me - Nautyca

Artiste, Nautyca, accuses Sarkodie of betrayal by taking his verse off his song because of some words he said

I Sacrificed My Time For Sarkodie, He Still Betrayed Me - Nautyca

Nautyca says Sarkodie should not be regarded as a good person.

According to him, the rap god paid him evil for good after the good done.

He said that Sarkodie took his verse off his song just because he criticised him.

Sarkodie is not open to criticism, he maintained.

Nautyca had made a video to call out Sarkodie for not supporting artists enough and to straighten out his behaviour towards other artists.

This made Sarkodie immediately request that his verse be taken off a song he had done with Nautyca.

Regardless of his words in the video, Nautyca believes that Sarkodie should have overlooked his words and still supported him since they both had a relationship with his former manager, Posigee.

Sarkodie should have considered this and supported him because of all the time he had sacrificed with Posigee, Nautyca stated. 

Back then Posigee would take out of Nautyca's time to attend to Sarkodie.

“At that time, I was managed by Posigee. And you know, sometimes when Posigee and I need to go somewhere and work, he needs to sacrifice that my time for Sarkodie. He will tell me, bro, I need to go and record Sarkodie. Even though we have an agreement that he is managing me."

"But sometimes he will tell me I need to go and see Sark because we have to record. And I was cool because I know we are family. So, I was feeling like the way I sacrifice my time for him. I felt like he also needs to push me,” he said.

“The only response I had was that I had to take his verse off the song because of what I said. And that is why I am trying to explain that sometimes Possi takes my time for him even though we need to go somewhere and work. So I felt I sacrificed my time for him to make his own success, I mean, he should also try and support me.” He lamented. 

This he said while speaking in an exclusive interview on the showbiz segment of TV3 New Day.

Nautyca went on to reveal that he had to delay the release of his EP because someone else had to come in on the song, even though he was not affected by the withdrawal.

” I had to drop my Ep that was last month, but when he said his verse should be taken off, we had to put it on hold. And put somebody on it,” he concluded.