I Bit Woman's Breast And She Is Dead- Woman Recounted

A 50-year-old woman has recounted how she bit another ladies breast resulting in her death

I Bit Woman's Breast And She Is Dead- Woman Recounted

A Ghanaian woman believed to be in her 50’s has bragged about how she bit another woman’s breast leading to her death.

In a video sighted by soiree news, the woman made this shocking revelation during her conversation on the Kumasi-based radio Nhyira FM’s Obra show.

The woman's bizarre story caused listeners shocked as she boldly confessed to having bitten a woman’s breast during a fight and as result, she died, which has caused an enormous reaction.

According to the woman, her family is all made of women living with only one surviving man hence they don’t spare anyone who tries to cheat or doesn’t treat them right, she admits the fact that she’s aggressive when it comes to fighting, then she begins with her confession.

She began that she had a serious and bad banter with one woman when all of a sudden her family joined in attacking her, in a bid to free herself from enduring more beatings, she bit the breast of the lady she was initially fighting with.

The injury from the biting of the breast caused the lady to her early grave.

According to the woman, she was jailed some few months following the death of a woman whose breast she bit during a fight

She added that she was released when they went to the police station because she had a good case.