I am Stonebwoy, the Roger Miller of Ghanaian music

In a Cape Coast-based interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM, Stonebwoy referred to himself as the Roger Milla of Ghanaian music, emphasizing his longevity in the business.

I am Stonebwoy, the Roger Miller of Ghanaian music

Stonebwoy used the chance to counsel up-and-coming musicians against using social media for gimmicks intended to gain popularity.

So instead of rushing through songs and music videos that might become hits right away but eventually lose their appeal, he advised them to invest more time and energy in building a strong foundation.

He thinks that maintaining one's relevance in the music industry and being sustainable can only be achieved with a strong foundation.

In his words, “Learn from those who have come and gone the good the bad the ugly and try to find out what they did, how they did it and how you can also build upon it and add your uniqueness to become great.

“People might have come and done it so we have to respect legends and reflect on it and also grow upon it so let them keep learning and be inspired by what the pacesetters have done.

Social media has made it even simpler these days, so in a way, I believe I understand people who just want to succeed the next day.

These days, all it takes is one video to go viral, and the next day, everyone will be talking about you, which could give the impression that you've made it.

"But that's where the risk lies because, as you mentioned, I've been through the mill; I'm Roger Miller, and I've been through the mill, so I'm like Roger Miller sitting here right now. With that, you don't have a foundation."