I am Older than You, Don’t Insult Me - Sonnie Badu Admoishes Kwadwo Sheldon

Artiste, Sonnie Badu cautions Kwadwo Sheldon after the popular Youtuber labelled the artiste’s degrees as fake

I am Older than You, Don’t Insult Me - Sonnie Badu Admoishes Kwadwo Sheldon
Rev. Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu has respectfully cautioned Kwadwo Sheldon over his recent uncalled-for insults.

He used his admonishment for the Youtuber as a general warning to the youths who have made an unhealthy habit of disrespecting those who are much older than they are on social media.

This comes after he announced his educational achievements on his Instagram page.

The artiste uploaded a photo of himself with his three certificates from different schools in four months; youths immediately started trolling him, calling his certifications fake.

A Bachelor’s degree in Ministry, a Master’s degree in Christian leadership, and a Doctorate in Musicology within a four-month time frame.

Kwadwo Sheldon immediately uploaded a video titled “Sonnie Badu And The F@ke Degrees,”

Sonnie Badu has now uploaded another Facebook Live video on Tuesday, April 6, to address the social media trolls, singling out rising YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, asking the content creator to be respectful and desist from profiting by exposing others to public ridicule and insults.

“The young man called Kwadwo Sheldon, I’m here for violence; brother man, I respect you. I respect you, I love the work you do, but kindly respect others as well. Ok, I love you. I respect you kindly respect others too, please do that.

"You don’t go and insult me, I have never insulted you before, I am much older than you, you don’t go and insult me, you don’t do that. You don’t,”

“Have you ever promoted any book I have written? No, you haven’t. But you are busy trending and there are adverts playing, you are making money, you are making money, that is not nice.”

He further threatened to send his lawyers over and also to extend an invitation to Sheldon to come to the United States to prove the allegations he raised in his video.

“My lawyers will come. The money you are making, you’re gonna come to America. I will give you an invitation to come to America to come and prove whatever you said. I don’t mind doing that, I can give you that invitation, I can do that,”