Godpapa and Lupita, Viral TikTok couple, arrested by police

Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, a pair whose viral videos have recently been trending on social media, have been detained by the Tema community police.

Godpapa and Lupita, Viral TikTok couple, arrested by police

 Following the appearance of several videos depicting the couple acting in dubious ways on the TikTok website, the duo became an internet celebrity.

On social media, Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita were spotted doing a variety of things, including smoking. Godpapa The Greatest is rumored to have been a former pastor.

The parents admitted to killing one of their children because he was demonic spirit-possessed in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV.

According to the mother of the children, Empress Lupita, her husband believed that if the boy lived, he would turn into a demon in the future, give birth to other demons, and possibly destroy Ghana. So they decided that in order to preserve the country, they had to sacrifice him.

The boy who managed to flee from his parents and was interviewed again by Kofi TV revealed that his brother El waa was supposedly murdered by his parents.

The 8-year-old claimed that after allegedly poisoning his sibling with gari soakings, his parents buried him alive because he refused to die.

The youngster made additional claims of abuse against his parents.

He claimed that his parents would urinate in a bucket and subsequently combine it to make soup that they would eat with banku.

The Tema community was shocked by the boy's remarks and the information in the viral video. The couple has reportedly been detained by two police.

According to reports, the pair would support the authorities as they look into the incident.