God has been good to me since 2001, says Mcbrown.

Mcbrown as she as welcomed to Media General spoke to Captain Smart about herself.

God has been good to me since 2001, says Mcbrown.

Nana Ama Mcbrown, an actress and television personality, claims that God has been dependable for her since 2001. 

She was given the chance to speak on Onua TV with Caption Smart and stated that Miracle Films gave her the opportunity to be who she is today. 

She claims that it came to a point where she was disturbed and concerned, but thanks to Bro. Kwame, she was introduced to Miracle Films. 

Despite her hate of January, she flew to America in January 2001 to meet Kofi Mcbrown, her uncle and father, who had decided to come after her. 

"At that time, I played both table tennis and football. He once observed me sweating as he acknowledged my talents, she said. 

"When I arrived in America, I was deported. I liked to travel. This guy gave my name the Mcbrown suffix. Although I lack any academic credentials, I promised myself that I would stick around and put in a lot of effort. 
I was abandoned by my family when I was deported. I've been publicly humiliated by them. I went to Mrs. Annan's house to hide, and as a result, I got an opportunity," she emphasized. 

She conveyed her thanks to God for making her the person she is today.