Ghanaian Media Abandoned me in my Time of Need - Enoch Darko

Actor, Enoch Darko, claims that the media didn’t support him when he needed them the most

Ghanaian Media Abandoned me in my Time of Need - Enoch Darko
Enoch Darko

Enoch Darko has claimed that the Ghanaian media was not there for him when he needed it the most.

The actor, who was discovered from the Talented Kids reality show, stated that the media did not support him initially and only started showing love for him when they saw how the Nigerian media have embraced him.

He said this in an interview with the award-winning Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show. 

According to him, the Nigeria media gave him the opportunity to work directly with legendary actors, the likes Aki and Porpor, Patience Ozorkwor. 

“When I was in Nigeria and I started the Watabomshell thing, none of the media (Ghana) supported me. I say it today that all the bloggers and the whole media, none of them supported me but as soon as I came to Ghana, everyone wants to mingle with me."

"There are some Nigerian actors that no matter what you do, you can never get to take a picture with them so when you saw your own young Ghanaian actor with these actors whose movies we all watched during our childhood, the least you could do was talk about it and support your boy but you all didn’t”, he claimed.


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A social media user had earlier made the claim that Enoch has just made back in 2020

She highlighted how the actor has been underrated in Ghana only to be exalted in Nigeria. 

"You are being downplayed and not appreciated because you're at the wrong place. when you get to where you destined you will realise how great you are."

"Enoch Darko is a young Ghanaian comedian with ambition but the Ghanaian industry offered little cos they have their favourite but when he went to Nigeria he's got the appreciation and support he needs. Your story isn't different." the user wrote as she uploaded one of his works with Nigerian superstars aki and pawpaw. 

Enoch further expressed his disappointment and stated that he is only staying true to Ghana because he is a Ghanaian by blood and the country would always be his first home.

Other than that, he would shunned everyone who did not support him but is trying to get close to him now that he is back in Ghana.