Ghana Actors Guild Must Be Trashed - Dada Boat

Dada Boat has labelled the Ghanaian actor’s guild as a useless organisation that must be dissolved

Ghana Actors Guild Must Be Trashed - Dada Boat
Dada Boat

Dada Boat has stated that there is no need for the Ghana Actor's Guild since the association has not been fulfilling its purpose.

According to him, the executives of the association forget that they have been neglected to serve the public and only care about their own selfish interests instead of using their offices for the intended purposes.

He maintained that so far, the progress of the group has been a huge disappointment to the actors in the country.

Since its inception, multiple actors have accused the group of being extremely inactive.

Stakeholders like Kwaku Manu Abeiku Sagoe and many others have questioned the competence and the benefits of the guild to actors in the country.

Dada Boat has further questioned the existence of an actor's group that is not beneficial to the actors.

“I don’t know the use of the Actors Guild; they are a big disappointment. They are part of the reasons actors are poor and some people have lost interest in acting. What have they done for us since they assumed office four years ago? Some of us basically live on acting and nothing else."

“The leaders of the Actors Guild are always in court fighting over issues that will not benefit actors in Ghana. Why were they voted for? They are there to serve their selfish interests instead of the actors,” He noted.

The Ghana Actors Guild has not been able to hold elections for new leadership since 2018 as some members including Abeiku Sagoe, Henry Harding (Papa Nii) and Mercy Asiedu took the leadership to court.

They secured an injunction on the 2018 elections saying the process had not been democratic citing the unavailability of voter registers for members on the morning of the poll, side-lining of executives by President Sammy Fiscian among others.