Find Ghanaian Films archives or forget Ghana’s movie history - Teye Kitcher

Movie pundit, Teye Kitcher, warns that history could be lost if the Ghana Film Archives are not found

Find Ghanaian Films archives or forget Ghana’s movie history - Teye Kitcher
Teye Kitcher

Teye Kitcher has quizzed where the Ghana Films Industry Corporation has been.

The retired journalist, who worked with the late former President for many years as a presidential correspondent, stated that the fact that the corporation no longer exists might mean that the country may have lost a chunk of its history, stored in video format.

He accused was behind the sale of the institution of selling out the nation's history for bread crumbs.

According to him, the person should bow his head in shame.

“Somewhere in the 1980s, GBC lost a chunk of its data in a fire. That day, I wept because there were certain films that we had with the late President Rawlings in the Afram Plains when one night, we had a visitor at night – a huge snake. All those things got lost in that fire.

“During our time, it was only the state-owned media covering the presidency; there were no private media houses. It was just us: GBC, GNA, Times, Graphic, Ghana Films Industry, and the Information Services Department.

“Ghana Films had to come back and put together what we call a newsreel. They started doing that thing right from the colonial days before Kwame Nkrumah’s time. I don’t know where they are now but if they are not around, they might have lost a chunk of our history. We need to find out where they are.

“I know the BBC has some of those archives but after Ghana became Ghana, the Ghana Films Industry Corporation, as set up by Kwame Nkrumah, also had newsreels. As to where they are after the sale of the Ghana Films Industry Corporation, I don’t know but if it is with someone, then it means that when we want a chunk of our history, then we need to go and pay.

“And I think that whoever took the decision to either give that thing out or watch it get destroyed by the weather and co, has done a great disservice to this country. That person must be ashamed of himself,” he said plainly." he said this while mon Mensah for his YouTube channel, Aniwaba.