Everywhere Bribe in Ghana - Lydia Forson

Actress, Lydia Forson laments on the despicable state of things concerning bribery in Ghana

Everywhere Bribe in Ghana - Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson has expressed her disappointment at the way things work in Ghana.

According to the award-winning actress, the country is now extremely difficult for people who have been raised to not cut corners.

Any hardworking person will be frustrated because his fellow citizens would do half the work he does while reaping 10 times the benefit because of bribery and corruption.

"This country is exceptionally HARD for anyone who wants to walk the right path! Even the best of us have had to cut unthinkable corners just to make ends meet. Everywhere bribe! Even if you don’t want to, it’s what you have to in a lot of cases. Mabr3" she wrote on her Twitter page.

The outspoken Ghanaian superstar stated she cannot be moved, no matter how many positive statistics are put up by the Ghanaian government about the improvements on the economy to deceive outsiders because the economic progress should be seen in the lives of the masses.

She opined that she looks at how well a country is progressing by the standard of living of its residents and not some figures people have no clue of.

“I will always measure how well a country is doing based on the basic amenities the citizens have access to. This whole economic talk means nothing to me if a majority of the population is struggling. Call me a dreamer, but it’s the world I want to live in,”

“There is always something you can do, the great thing about what I do is I don’t limit myself to only one thing, so even though this is difficult, I am not hit that hard. When we were on lockdown, I told myself I may not be able to go on set, but I am creative, I am an actress, I entertain people, what can I do within my four corners, so it forces you to go into the creative mood,” she concluded.