Even Married Female Gospel Artistes Sleep Around - Omane Acheampong

Artiste, Omane Acheampong, discloses how married gospel artistes sleep around with top presenters for promotion of their music

Even Married Female Gospel Artistes Sleep Around - Omane Acheampong
Omane Achempong

Nicholas Omane Acheampong has accused female gospel artists of sleeping around for "roles" just like their secular counterparts.

In his submission, he noted that the gospel artists choose to sleep with the presenters because they don't have money to pay for the promotion of their songs.

According to the artiste, he has come upon a list which details the names of female gospel artists who have slept with one presenter or the other for promotion.

A list, which he claims has been compiled by the presenters who slept with the women themselves.

Even though most people think only actresses sleep with directors for roles, Omane Acheampong has revealed that artistes too sleep with top radio and television presenters just to promote their tracks.

“Some women musicians show up with rings; she would be wearing a ring because she’s a married woman, but because she’s looking for a way to promote her song, a presenter asks a wedded wife for sex before they promote their songs,”

“There is one who even showed me a list in his office containing names of women he had slept with before helping them,”

This he said on Legends on TV XYZ hosted by Agyemang Prempeh (Agyengo).

He alleged that the presenters are well-known gospel presenters and he is not going to reveal their identities because they are his close pals.

“The list he showed me, most of the names I saw are gospel musicians,”

“Brother, we know a lot of things.. the gospel musicians were more on the list,”

Omane Acheampong then noted that the case is much sadder for men who do not have money because they don't have anything else to offer.

He noted that the presenters just refuse to play their songs. 

“We men if we can’t afford to pay probably they won’t play our songs but for the women it’s sad,”

“As for you Agyemang you have helped me a lot. I don’t get money for you as people would want me to but you play and promote my songs,” he said.