Empress Gifty Blocks A Troll Who Accused Her Of Stealing From The Countries Coffers

Empress Gifty has given it hot to netizens who alleged her for spending from the coffers of the country

Empress Gifty Blocks A Troll Who Accused Her Of Stealing From The Countries Coffers

Ghanaian gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye has sworn to take a serious troll on people who accused her of using stolen money from coffers of Ghana to slay.

Empress Gifty went live on social media to address the disturbing issues that came online to say that is her husband that is affiliated to the NPP, not her whole family.

The gospel artist did not find it funny when a troll qualified her wealth to the New Patriotic Party, insinuating that her husband steals money from the coffers of the party for her to slay.

In her speech, she revealed that she became the topic on board for trolls ever since she accepted to marry Hon. Hopeson Adorye, a respected member of the NPP.

Empress Gifty replied to a comment from Justice Bright saying they were living comfortably on Ghana’s money while other tax-paying citizens suffer.

An angry-looking Gifty said, “You are here saying everything in my house was acquired with Ghana money. No problem, I am a Ghanaian, not an Ivorian… where are you expecting me to spend money from Togo? Do I beg for alms in the gutter? You want to tell me that I don’t have a job?”

She explains that every piece of fashion item she wears and the luxury car she drives was bought from her pocket and not money from the government or her husband.

“Anytime I wear any nice dress, you guys will come and comment ‘Ghana money’. I am sure you are sick in the head. Let me just block you… go and question those who spend huge sums of money in the country if they give me a dime. I work hard for my own money.”

“If you insult me, I will give it to you. My husband endorsed it. if you try to mess up with me, I will give it to you.