Efya Is Ghana’s Latest ‘Middle-Woman’

Kofi Asamoah has defended Efya from accusations that she bought Moesha Buduong’s Range Rover from her when the actress was going through mental health issues during the period of her repentance

Efya Is Ghana’s Latest ‘Middle-Woman’

After it was reported that Moesha Budoung sold all her properties to give back to the church on her conversion to Christ, it was rumoured that Efya was one of the many individuals who had bought the properties from her.

The rumours spread quickly that Efya was the one who bought Moesha's Range Rover.

This drew massive criticism from the stakeholders in the entertainment industry who stated that Efya had done evil by buying the vehicle from Moesha especially in the mental state that Moesha was in.

Fans also pointed out that Efya had taken advantage of Moesha and had probably bought the Range Rover for the cheap because Moesha would have definitely sold the properties for the cheap.

A general call was started for Efya to return the car back to Moesha with immediate effect.

Kofi Asamoah immediately came out to debunk the rumours.

According to the Ghanaian filmmaker, Efya never bought the Range Rover from Moesha, she only provided assistance for the car to be sold and never purchased the car as many thought.

He maitained that Efya only acted as a "middle-woman".

“The Range Rover Vogue was not purchased by Efya. Efya only served as a “middlewoman” for whoever bought the car. Efya is not the owner of the car. It was another musician. It was another artiste who at the time was working with Efya. She didn’t buy the car for herself as many people think.”

KOFAS however refused to reveal the identity of the 'celebrity' that bought the Range Rover.

"As for the person who bought the car, we are withholding his identity for now. We’ll reveal his or her identity at the right time.” He maintained.

KOFAS is obviously bent on protecting the identity of whoever bought the Range Rover and it would make sense that the person is none other than Ghana's newest middle-woman.

He stated that he is not concerned about the rumours that are flying around and his sole priority is to do what is right.

“Right now my sole priority is for Moesha to be alright. All of such rumours do not matter to me. Moesha is family and it is impossible for me to remain silent while she goes through all of these. I’m currently not in the country at the moment and even at that I’m trying my possible best to do what’s right.” He concluded.