Dr Kweku Oteng Begs Akua to return

Dr Kweku Oteng has penned a birthday message to his ex-wife Akua assuring her of continuity.

Dr Kweku Oteng Begs Akua to return

The founder of the Adonko products and also the CEO of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kweku Oteng has sent a warm birthday message to his Ex-Wife Akua who represented the Ashanti Region in Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2011.

Captain Smart on his morning Onua Maakye show on Onua Tv received the message and read it to the hearing of the world.

Dr in a long-term message said despite the rumours and allegations against her which in a way caused their separation, their love still remains intact.

Akua celebrated her wonderful birthday yesterday, Monday, October 11, and according to Captain Smart, the former wife of the business mogul spent the day uniquely in an undisclosed place in Kumasi with family and friends.

“Akua, Dr said I should tell you that he hasn’t heard any of the criticisms, acrimony, and false allegations against you. He said I should tell you he loves you and will never leave you for any reason.

"Forget about what anyone will say or write. He loves you and will continue to love you. Happy blessed birthday from your lovely husband”, Captain Smart stated.

For some time now, rumours of divorce of Dr Kweku Oteng and Akua circulated after their marriage hit on rocks.

Kweku Oteng allegedly seized all the properties he gave to his wife yet it is likely that a reunion could happen.