Constituents Says Shabanton Dutsrogbe for North Tongu DCE

According to them, the progress of the NPP in the North Tongu Constituency was accomplished with the able leadership demonstrated by Mr Dutsrogbe who also was the former North Tongu Constituency Secretary and a polling station secretary for the NPP.

Constituents Says Shabanton Dutsrogbe for North Tongu DCE
Mr Shabanton Moses Kwesi Dutsrogbe

Scores of residents, particularly the supporters and members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) within the North Tongu District of the Volta Region are clamouring for the appointment of the NPP Volta Regional Research and Elections Officer, Mr Shabanton Moses Kwesi Dutsrogbe as a new District Chief Executive (DCE) of North Tongu District Assembly.

Declaring their overwhelming support for Mr Dutsrogbe who doubles as the former President of the NPP TESCON in Accra Polytechnic now Accra Technical University, the constituents made of chiefs, traditional office holders, youth groups, students, religious leaders market folks described the NPP young outspoken politician as “unifier, grassroots person, affable, team builder, peacemaker and a good listener.”

In a random interview recently by Soireenews,  the residents explained that their reason stemmed from the fact that they have lots of confidence in Mr Dutsrogbe, and more importantly, he is the best person for the party in the area suitable for the position.

 They emphasized that the young energetic and dynamic politician has very good interpersonal relationship skills and very accommodating.

They stressed that their call on President, Nana Addo Dankwa Addo-Addo to consider and subsequently appoint Mr Dutsrogbe as a new DCE for North Tongu District Assembly has become necessary because he, apart from being an indigene of the area, has what it takes to find a lasting solution to their long-unending youth unemployment challenges.

They showcased various experiences and achievements of the current Volta Regional Research and Elections Officer and appeal to the appointing authority thus  President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to consider the good works of him the party in the past years and appoint him to hold the position.

According to them, the progress of the NPP in the North Tongu Constituency was accomplished with the able leadership demonstrated by Mr Dutsrogbe who also was the former North Tongu Constituency Secretary and a polling station secretary for the NPP,  saying that he had “proven beyond all reasonable doubts” that the leadership of the NPP made the right choice by appointing him as the Volta Regional Research and Elections Officer.

"We all know that Mr Dutsrogbe has performed creditably to make the NPP increase its votes from  72,000 targeted votes set by the national party for the region to over 100,000 votes in the last general elections which also contributed to the victory of the NPP in the 2020 general elections.

"And that nobody can underestimate his enormous contribution especially when he is in charge of research and elections. This major role he played equally culminated into what aided the NPP in retaining the political power in the year 2020" the constituents stated.

Speaking in an interview with Soireenews, Mr Dutsrogbe expressed his profound gratitude to the chiefs and people who had endorsed him to be considered and nominated as the next DCE for the area.

According to him, he was in the race to be considered to be nominated as the new DCE for the North Tongu District Assembly because he has some fresh ideas to implement in order to alleviate the enormous plights of the constituents.

Mr Dutsrogbe pointed out that his decision to be in the race was equally borne out of the fact that he has worked extensively as a grassroots person in the district and has acquainted himself with the various problems and challenges confronting the people in the villages and towns within the district. 

He noted that he has been a government-appointed assembly member since 2017 till date and well vest in the local government concept. 

He has equally served on the following sub-committees of the assembly;
1. Development planning (member)
2. Agric (member)
3. Works(chairman)
4. Public relations and complaints( member)
5. Entity tender (member)

"And more so l think l have what it takes and technical know-how to devise solutions to resolve these problems even though the successive DCEs, particularly the incumbent DCE, Mr Richard Collins Arku has also played his part in that regard," he assured.

He opined that  "leadership is about legacy so if you are given the chance or opportunity to serve your people you must ensure you live up to that legacy.

He added that "a legacy should be monumental that would also go a long way to impact positively  on lives the people whose interest for which you are appointed to represent."

He noted that he has made lots of contributions to the progress of the party in both constituencies and at the regional level.

"Through my great contributions to the NPP in the region, I can tell you on authority that for the first time in the history of the NPP in the Volta Region we have increased our votes exponentially a feat worth celebrating. 

"In the 2020 general elections, we the members of the NPP in the region were given the target of 72, 000 to achieve, but in the last election, we were able to achieve our target by even increasing to over 100,000 votes for the NPP in the Volta Region which also contributed to the victory that we have in the 2020 general elections," Mr Dutsrogbe taunted.

He asserted that he has gained the necessary political experience over the years to be able to manage the district efficiently and effectively.

"I also have corporate exposure when I worked with TONATON GHANA LTD. I have equally served my community diligently for 4 years as the public relations officer for the MEPE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION which is the administrative body for  MEPE TRADITIONAL AREA.

"l have equally acquainted myself with my party's rules and regulations including its constitutions and so l think that the right time has come now for me to take up this Noble position in the district. Considering my long service to the party and community as a whole I deemed it fit to take up the mantle since my party recognizes loyalty, hard work and commitment," he noted.

When he was asked what makes him different from the incumbent DCE, Mr Dutsrogbe stated that the sitting DCE has done his best for the area.

He contended that he thinks that the time has come for someone like "me with fresh ideas and dynamic leadership skills to lead the Assembly.

Having been a grassroots person of the NPP as taking cognizance of  his numerous past positions  held in the party, Mr Dutsrogbe assured that when appointed as  the next DCE for  the area, he would work assiduously to ensuring that, "we promote and project effective human resources development and empowering the youth in the area through farming, skills development and training."

He added that his major motivation also in aspiring for this position has to do with the fact that, given the opportunity, he would lobby to ensure that the teeming unemployed youth across the district gets decent jobs to do.

He further asserted that being a young person, he would be a more accessible leader since he has a very cordial rapport with a significant number of the youths in the district.

Story Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu Greater Accra Regional Correspondent