Captain Smart ‘Threatens’ To Leave Onua TV If The Workers Are Not Serious

Captain Smart has threatened to leave Media general after workers were late to work.

Captain Smart ‘Threatens’ To Leave Onua TV If The Workers Are Not Serious

Onua Maakye presenter Captain Smart has threatened to leave the station if the workers of the station don’t work effectively.

The holiday edition of Onua Maakye didn’t start the usual way. Many were expecting a bright start to the show. The show was to commence at 5:30 am but today, Thursday, August 4, 2022, the show had to start streaming online at 6:20 am.

Captain Smart felt furious that the team responsible for streaming on Facebook was not in the studio by 5:30 am.

When the guys in charge of online streaming were called and asked why they were late they explained that they overslept. This explanation didn’t go well with Captain Smart who boldly stated that he can decide to walk out of the studio.

 According to Captain Smart, instead of the young men in the studio working hard, they like to roam at night and sleep early.

Interestingly, when the live stream started on Facebook, many followers of Onua TV for denying online watchers the chance to watch the program. In a series of texts that shot to over 2,000 within minutes, calls were made to Captain Smart not to repeat this incident of delay.

This got Captain Smart to fire his colleague workers on live TV for being lazy. Despite pleadings from the background to get Captain Smart to stop, he threatened he might resign if such things continue to happen.

"When you wake up you want a pay increase and yet you sleep when you are to be at work. HR has to start sacking people. You can play with the office of the CEO, but anyone who dares my show will feel my wrath. If this continues I will resign from here. I apologize to our Facebook audience. These are some of the reasons I leave certain jobs. How can we tell the government to fix the country and we come late to the office?”

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