Bulldog fires Stonebwoy for disrespectful comments.

Says Stonebwoy’s words were “distasteful and unschooled”.

Bulldog fires Stonebwoy for disrespectful comments.

With the recent scrutiny that has been directed at artiste managers in Ghana, Bulldog has hit out at the critics for their constant derogatory words at the chosen profession of he and his colleagues.

He angrily reacted to Stonebwoy's recent statement in a recent interview with Nana Ama McBrown UTV’s ‘United Showbiz’ program that he doubts if "ANY" artiste manager in Ghana can show a certificate backing their profession.

Bulldog, who is the Creative Director and Talent Manager for Shatta Wale, was visibly upset by the comments, to the extent where he released a full statement berating Stonebwoy for saying such unschooled words over such a sensitive matter.

The manager asked Stonebwoy not to take out any frustrations he has on his own manager outside on other managers. 

He asked Stonebwoy to respect the profession if he wants respect for himself as it is reciprocal.

Bulldog pointed out that a manager does not need to have a certificate before he/she can be considered as a professional because the profession is a "hands-on" type - the more you work, the better you get at it.



Read his full statement below.

"The general disregard to Artiste Management as a profession, on United Showbiz the most watched and talked about TV Talk Show in Ghana hosted by seasoned and award-winning actress, Empress Nana Ama McBrown on UTV, Ghana’s leading, most patronized and best-loved award-winning television channel by one of Ghana’s top musical exports, Stonebwoy was so unfortunate."

"If you have a situation with your management team please don’t generalize it. To say which artiste manager in Ghana can show a certificate for management was distasteful and unschooled.
Let us learn to respect each other’s contributions in this space. You were on the moral high ground about ‘disrespect in the game’ kindly heed to your counsel."

"I’m not sure it will be appropriate for one to seek for an artiste’s certificate for them to be referred to as or become one. Talent management is the knowledge or skill obtained from a period of practical experience with talents, especially that gained in a particular profession."



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"One’s handiwork and attainment in their chosen field makes them a master of their trade and not a certificate in form of a document. Their unceasing success in their field of work is all the certification they require.How joyous it would be to ask for a presidential certificate… Description: ????Description: ????"

"Talent management is a labour of love. Their efforts don’t generate into streams or laurels for themselves so their contribution to the grandiose victory is easily overlooked. Talent Managers aren’t celebrated in this country because their tale of toil don’t get told."

"I am a CERTIFIED TALENT MANAGER without a certificate. God bless the entertainment space and all stakeholders"

"#YEAROFRESTORATION #sikanhyiraadomaseda"