Bring Your Songs, I Will Make Them Hits - Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene says he can make any song a hit just by featuring on it since he is confident that everything he touches turns to gold

Bring Your Songs, I Will Make Them Hits - Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene has confidently stated that he is confident in turning any song he features into hits just by his influence and talent.

According to him, anything track he touches automatically turns to gold since he was eighteen years old. 

This, he noted, is how he has been able to achieve so much in a short period of time since his breakthrough to mainstream music.

The award#winning highlife musician explained that he has been getting back-to-back successes throughout his career till now, year after year because of God's blessings on his life.

Apart from being signed as a brand ambassador to two big brands (Adonko and Infinix mobile) the Lynx entertainment has been a serial award winner and was even presented a brand new Range Rover Velar as a birthday present from the founder of the ‘Adonko’ brand, Dr Kwaku Oteng in April 2021.

He already has two albums to his credit (Rockstar and Son of Africa) which contains ‘huge bangers’ that the country has enjoyed in recent times.

With his title as 'King of Hooks,' the Lynx Entertainment signee said he is just on the path to be able to feed his family and he is thankful for the blessing on his life.

“I cannot tell if it’s my mother’s prayers or someone I did something for but everything I’ve touched after I turn eighteen years always turns into gold. You can see from all the features I’ve done in the country. If you are a musician and your song is not a hit, you just bring it to me and I will make it a hit for you,”

“my prayer is that wherever this grace is coming from should not end but rather continue for a very long time. People like me who have suffered for what they have tried their best and pray that whatever blessing they are enjoying lasts forever so that has always been my prayer.”

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