Baby girl rescued from a public toilet

Baby girl rescued from a public toilet

A baby has been rescued from a public toilet at Sabon Zongo in the Bawku Municipality of the Upper East Region. A

Assemblyman of the area, Honourable Jamiwu speaking to told pressmen that the baby was found when the caretaker of the public toilet came around to begin the day job.

"The incident happened on the 16th February 2022 around 5 to 6 pm when a toilet cleaner entered to do his job, as usual, he saw something strange and try to find out what an exactly it was".

He noticed there was a newly born baby wrapped with cloth and covered with a toilet dustbin inside the toilet.

According to him, the caretaker quickly arranges bypassers to rescue the baby and later send her to the Bawku Presbyterian hospital.

He confirmed the current condition of the baby girl, noting that she is in good health.

However, the suspect who dumped the innocent girl has since not been found.