Baatsona Branch Holds Swearing In.

Following a successful reorganization, vetting and election of some branch executives, the Baatsona Branch of National Democratic Congress within Tema West has successfully sworn in the new executives.

Baatsona Branch  Holds Swearing In.

Following the successful registration exercise for the membership towards an effective membership drive coupled with vetting of executives and voting within the Baatsona ward, the swearing-in came off successfully.

The swearing-in ceremony which came off last Saturday, August 20, 2022, saw the new Executives being sworn in at the Baatsona within the Tema West Constituency. Poised to work hard for the return of the party to power come December 2024, the new Executives pledged their resolve to work hard leaving no stone unturned to realize their set goal. The swearing-in came off in batches of two;22nd and 23rd of August,2022. Being one of the newly created ones to garner votes for the return of the National Democratic Congress to power in the accomplishment of the developmental drive.

The Chairman, Mr. Chris Asher has expressed his resolve to collaborate with the other executives to preach the NDC good message to union members to work hard for the attainment of the set goal. "The Tema West seat is a critical one for the NDC, therefore, was committed to exert many energies to annex it", Chairman, Chris Asher noted in an interview. Comrade Asher expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all who helped in various ways for the success of the short but important ceremony in the make-up of the National Democratic Congress. He is upbeat that the executives will join forces for victory in 2024.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor