Agogoso roadworks stalled after court allegedly defines house immovable

Kofi Job Construction Limited has stopped working on the road for some time now until the matter is resolved.

Agogoso roadworks stalled after court allegedly defines house immovable
Nana Asare, resident

Road construction at Agogoso in the Suame Municipality has been forsaken because a house that needs to be demolished to pave way for the project to continue is still standing.

Reports reveal that the owner of the house who works at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), name withheld, has dragged the matter to court with the purpose that her house shouldn’t be affected.

Residents have revealed utmost discontent at why the government cannot resolve the issue with the landlady to quench the road challenge which has being their maximum worry for years now.

With several walls obstructing the construction ruined, people do not see why that house has been left immovable leading to the abandonment of the job by Kofi Job Construction Limited.

“This place used to be a big tunnel and people were unable to cross, thankfully, Kofi Job started construction and we were all glad that for once our biggest problem will soon be solved,” Nana Asare, a resident told Soireenews.

“It was speculated that this house (pointed to the house) needs to be broken down to pave way for the road and according to what I know, the landlady refused to allow them so she dragged the matter to court. An injunction was placed on the breaking of the building so the contractor has left the job for some time now.

“If it is not broken, there is nothing the contractor can do. We have been suffering and I must be honest with you, in two months’ time, the newly constructed drainage system will be destroyed by the rain if nothing is done. Why can’t we apply the laws of the land on the asset?

On whether the Member of Parliament, Honourable Osei Kyei Mensah or Assembly members have tried to talk the woman out, Nana Asare told that “The MP and the contractor can do nothing about the situation. They, including the Assembly members, cannot be blamed because the court is bigger than them, the right thing must be done and if it is compensation, the woman must be remunerated else it won’t help us at all,” he added.

The chief of Agogoso, Nana Osei Kofi II made known that the contractor has every right to pull the building down for the reason that even a child can observe that the wall of the house is obstructing the plan. He condemned the unpatriotic actions of the landlady and further called on the government to be in haste with decision making to enable the contractor finish the job.

“The house is on the road but I just don’t understand why the court is restraining the job from being done for this long, “Nana said.

“Some walls have been broken along the way so why can't a similar thing be done. What power has the woman to put a whole job to a stop? The road is there to serve the entire vicinity and we can’t watch for this to go on.

The wall must be broken down.”

Meanwhile, a section of residents has pleaded to the government of Ghana led by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to step in and help resolve their major challenge.